The Reality

The average college graduate starts their career nearly $30,000 in debt. On the other hand, the average sales rep for DishOne earns enough in a four-month summer to pay for all their expenses for the rest of the year!

Internship Opportunities

If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, selling for DishOne is the official internship for DISH.

If you are a Junior who has completed a selling season and have been selected by DISH for a corporate internship, you will spend your summer working at corporate DISH in your chosen field (IT, marketing, accounting, HR, PR, programming etc.) and be considered for full-time employment at the end of your internship.

DISH is always looking to hiring intelligent, energetic employees with the will to win.



What I learned about myself through this internship was that my mental limits far exceed what I thought they were. I also learned the importance of goal orientation in the workforce and everyday life. Three valuable character traits I picked up this summer are mental toughness, confidence, and perseverance beyond anything I had done before. Most importantly, it made me a more-well rounded person. I do not believe there is another internship opportunity available that allows college students to learn, develop, and take away as much as you do from a summer knocking doors with DishOne. 

Christopher Moore

Ball State University

The DishOne internship allowed me to gain valuable sales skills that will help me not only in my future career, but throughout my entire life.

I was able to find out how exciting sales jobs can be by competing with my friends/teammates on a daily basis, having performance based paychecks, and earning amazing incentives (Trips to California, Lollapoolaza, Denver) throughout the experience. 

Pat Wynn

Purdue University

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