It is about to get freaking real on a Tuesday.  I really hope that all those that receive this email, receive it feeling on the top of your game, ready to do some great things today.  Here we go!  Shawn Achor, the author of “The Happiness Advantage”, refers quite often to his time as a student and a teacher at Harvard to prove his points.  Many people would joke with him about that because they did not understand how on earth a Harvard student could be unhappy.

However, in all actuality, what he found was the complete opposite.  Harvard is the home to many chronically unhappy people.  In fact, in 2004 the Harvard Crimson did a poll that showed that 4 out of every 5 students suffered from depression.  And that nearly half of those students suffered from depression that was so bad that they could not function.

This unhappiness epidemic is not unique to Harvard.  A study was done in 2010 that showed that 45% of people are not even happy at their job.  The average age of depression has gone from 29.5 years of age to 14.5.  Staggering!  So what the author set out to do is find out what the 1 in 5 Harvard students, were doing to continue to find happiness in one of the most stressful places on earth.  Instead of doing what most psychologists do by finding out all the reasons a person is sick or having problems, and start looking for the reasons why people were happy.  “You can eliminate depression without making someone happy.  You can cure anxiety without teaching someone optimism.  You can return someone to work without improving their job performance.”
If all we strive for is diminishing the bad, we will always attain average.  For every 17 studies about anxiety and depression, there is 1 about happiness.  So in other words, this book is going to break the mo freaking mold.  And I love that.  We are going to start focusing on how to become even more happy instead of how to stay away from being sad.  We are going to focus on how to innovate instead of how to “just stay ahead of the curve.”  We are going to focus on taking over the world because that is what God put us on earth to do.  And guess what?  We are going to have a damn good time doing it too!
Yours truly,
Get to taken over, Cram
Marc Cram

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