ednesdays have been known to be the day that gangsters, ballers, and pimps take over the world. Get it! Today he begins to talk about how much society focuses on the negative things of the world. If you watch the news, 90% of it is about the world’s disasters. Very little time is spent on the good that is going on. Society creates in our mind this idea that most of life is negative. Ever hear of the medical school syndrome? This is a real thing. First year medical students that are aspiring to become doctors, hear all the symptoms and diseases that can fall on a person, and in that process start to believe that they have come down with ALL of them.

It is not healthy to only study the negative half of the human experience. In 2006, the author of this book was asked to open up a class at Harvard in which students would literally learn on how to become happier. At first, he was unsure of how many of the students would turn down an economics class for a class on happiness. He was amazed to see that nearly 1/6 of the students chose to take part in the course. They were starving to become happier. “Despite all the advantages all these students had, they still felt unfulfilled.” Imagine what happens with most of them. They are brought home from the hospital wearing a onesie that says “Bound for Harvard.” They bust their butts to be the top of the class their whole life, just to come into Harvard where suddenly half of them become below average.

With so much pressure to be great, it is no surprise that when these students fall, they fall hard. This fall and depression forces them away from their peers, friends, and family members when they need them the most. They skip meals and shut themselves in the library. The average number of romantic relationships in 4 years at Harvard is 1. And the average number of sexual partners during that same time is half that. What the hell? It’s no wonder they aren’t happy. Sex makes the world turn round. Haha. Had to say it. These students were learning how to master calculus and chemistry, but not how to find true happiness. I look forward to the next several months when we learn together how to find exactly that; long lasting happiness that can’t be stopped, and therefore, makes it so you can’t be stopped.


Yours truly,

Can’t stop, won’t stop, Cram

Marc Cram

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