I am going to shake up this fine Wednesday just a little bit. As you all already know, sometimes I get something on my mind, which I am very passionate about, and before I can move on I have to express it. Today, I want to talk about failing forward. We spent months dissecting John C. Maxwell’s book, Failing Forward. This stands as one of my favorite books ever and one I would highly recommend to anyone. One of my favorite quotes is

You haven't failed until you quit.

I just wanted to begin by saying life is going to be a bitch sometimes. It really is. Last night, I laid in bed asking myself why God likes to make every single part of my life so intense. My work is intense, two of my kids have special needs, I am part of a blended family, my ex-wife is extremely difficult to work with, and the list goes on. While I laid in bed with the lights off and everyone asleep, I thought to myself, “I am failing.” But then, I remember the words of Maxwell, so I decided to get up, go in the other room and take some time to jot down what I am thankful for. Here is what I learned during that writing:

  • I am one of the most blessed people on this planet and have nothing to complain about.
  • Work has never been better, my kids have never been happier and have developed more quickly, and my blended family is actually working.
  • The more trials [you] have in life, the more ways [you] have to learn and be greater.

“Asking for life to be easy because you are a good person is like asking for a bull to not run you over because you are a vegetarian.” Life is going to come at you hard. And the more opportunities you are given, the more obstacles that are going to be thrown your way. So guess what, it’s coming no matter how bad you don’t want it to. So get ready for it, and deal with it.

I felt sorry for myself for a split second last night, and that is ok. We are human. But then, the real decision was needed to be made. Do you quit, and really fail? Or do you rise to the occasion, and end up on top? At this point in my life, I realize that I am going to make mistakes. I am going to be short with my kids at the wrong time. I am going to handle conversations at work the wrong way. I am going to make decisions that aren’t the best for me, my family, my job, etc. But who the hell cares? We are human and imperfect.

Happiness comes from getting back up and becoming better.

Happiness comes from realizing how blessed we really are, no matter how hard it gets. Happiness comes from Failing Forward!

Yours truly,

Failures for days, Cram

Marc Cram

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