TGIF baby! Give me some! Today we talk about the E in S.A.V.E.R.S. Many of you have already heard me tell the story of the journalist who followed around the top CEO’s in America for two straight years. He wanted to know what they did from the moment they woke up to the moment they went to bed that made them so successful. There were several things that each of the CEO’s did that were slightly different, however, there were 3 things that EVERY one of shared. One of those three is the topic of today’s blog.

E=Exercise – Once every three months, I go to my chiropractor to get an adjustment. At the end of each adjustment, he has me lay on a massage table for a few minutes. Right above the massage table is a quote that I always love to read.

The #1 anti-depressant is exercise.

You want to be happy, be healthy. “If you don’t make time for exercise, you will probably have to make time for illness.” Factually, morning exercise will boost your energy, enhance your health, strengthen your self-confidence and well-being, and it will help you to maintain focus and increase efficiency. Sounds pretty worth the commitment, right?

It is important that every morning you get your heart rate up, your blood flowing and fill your lungs with oxygen. For years and years, I exercised either in the early or late evening. And yes, that took many parts of my life to a whole new level. But now I go to the gym early in the morning, and the results once again are at a whole new level. I feel that my physique is growing and improving faster, and so is my ability to function at a higher level while at work.

Even if the only time for you to get a good workout in comes after the morning has come to an end, take 10 minutes in the morning to get the blood flowing.

You know that to maintain your energy and mental health, exercise is such a vital part of it. The two main excuses to not exercise are “I don’t have time”, or “I am just too tired.” Well, let me lay it to you straight. If you don’t have some type of exercise on a very consistent basis, you will be less effective in most aspects of life. You will be less effective at the things that matter the most to you. I am completely convinced of that. So get up and get on it. It will change your life.

Yours truly,

Exercising is religion, Cram

Marc Cram

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