Going after it on a Tuesday! I want you to consider the following event that the author uses in the book.

Imagine that you walk into a bank with about 50 other people. A robber walks into the bank and fires his weapon once. You are the one that is shot in the arm. Now, if you are honestly describing the event to your friends and your co-workers the next day, do you describe it as lucky or unlucky?

The author says that when he uses this event, of those he poses the lucky/unlucky question to, 70% believe that the event was unlucky. Their responses range from, ‘Of all the banks I chose, this was the one.’, or ‘I entered the bank perfectly healthy and left in an ambulance.’, and his all time favorite response, which happens quite a bit, ‘There were 50 other people in there, surely someone else deserved to get shot more than I did.’

The 30% that felt as though the event was lucky, are just happy they weren’t shot somewhere else and that they are still alive. Even though the responses differ dramatically, the point is that every brain in the room does the exact same thing. It invents a counter fact. A counter fact is an alternate scenario our brains create to help us evaluate and make sense of what really happened. Here is the crucial part. Both counter facts are hypothetical.

“Because it is invented, we actually have the power in any given situation to consciously select a counter fact that makes us feel fortunate rather than helpless.”

Although the bank scenario is not one that will happen to most of us, it makes a great point. We have situations in our lives all of the time where we create a counter fact. What type of counter fact are you creating? Are you a worse case scenario type of person? Are you the guy in the room that thinks of the cup half empty way too much? If you continue to allow yourself to be that person, your life will be in a constant tailspin.

If your mentality is one of positivity, a lesson in all things, cup half full, and a “we are going to make it happen” mentality, not only will you live longer, but you will be happier and have more success. Plain and simple. The world needs more people will take a step back and turn a negative into a positive. And remember, doing that is simply a mindset shift. It’s 100% how we view things that will determine the outcome. What type of outcome are you creating?


Yours truly,

Determining that bad ace outcome, Cram

Marc Cram

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