There is really not much one can’t do on a Thursday.

Would you be surprised if I told you that cigarettes are not a great source of Vitamin C? Or that watching hours and hours of TV will not raise your IQ? Similarly, we all know that we should exercise, get good sleep, eat healthy, and be kind to others. But does this common knowledge make things any easier?

No, it does not. Because in life, knowledge is only part of the battle. An action is where it all comes together. Without action, knowledge is literally meaningless. You cannot only think excellent; you must act excellently.

A study came out that said that 44% of doctors are overweight. How is that possible when they know just as much as anyone how important it is to be healthy? You will also often find organizational gurus that are messy, professional athletes that are lazy, religious leaders that are blasphemous, and positive psychologists that aren’t always happy. How many people each week make a pledge to stop smoking, be pro-active and not procrastinate, do their power hour, be happier, etc.? I always crack up a little bit with how crazy busy the gym is on Monday. But by the time Friday comes around, it is half full.

Truth is, that positive habits are hard to keep, no matter how much sense they make. A report shows that 80% of all New Years resolutions are broken.

I have found that there is no better way to keep a habit than to have lived one, seen the results it has on your life, and never want to turn back. I talked about this a few days ago. With habits, you just have to go all in. You have to decide in your mind that nothing is going to stop you. The first 10 or so days are fairly easy to follow. It’s the second 10 days that really start to get difficult. Set a goal to do something every day for 21 straight days.

Take Sundays off if it is goal that is not conducive to that day. And then, go after. NEVER miss a day. No matter how bad you want to. You will get to a point where it will piss the hell out of you if you do miss a day. And that is good. That’s a great place to be. Our habits shape our lives. Our habits shape our happiness. ¬†Our habits shape our success.


Yours truly,

Trying to live good habits fuuur days, Cram

Marc Cram

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