Happy Thursday! Let’s get it today! We continue to talk about the concept that we become more successful when we are happier and more positive. In fact, it has been proven that doctors that place themselves in a positive mood before making a diagnosis show almost three times more intelligence and creativity than doctors in a neutral state, and they make accurate diagnosis 19 percent faster. What the what? How about this one? An optimistic salesman will outsell their pessimistic competition by 56%. Dirty!!

Students primed to feel happy before taking a math test for out-perform their neutral peers.

Even with all these statistics, we often sacrifice our happiness for success, only to lower our brains success rates. “Our hard-driving lives leave us feeling stressed, and we feel swamped by the mounting pressure to succeed at any cost.” It is not a surprise to me that studies show that the quickest way to high achievement is NOT a single-minded concentration on work. A balance of life, and finding happiness in doing things that are truly important to you, is what raises your levels of productivity. Seems like we have talked about this concept a ton. Its because we have. If you want to truly be happy, find balance.

During his time teaching at Harvard, the author had the opportunity to sit down with over 1,100 students over coffee in a one on one setting. During that time, he picked their brains about several things and came up with quite a few conclusions from those interviews. Over the next few days, we will talk about what he found. Let’s start with this:

The Fulcrum and the Lever- “How we experience the world, and our ability to succeed within it, constantly changes based on our mindset.” As we have said a million times, we become what we think about. We are a product of our own imagination.

The Tetris Effect- “When our brains get stuck in a pattern that focuses on stress, negativity, and failure, we set ourselves up to fail.” How many of you know people that live lives of stress and anxiety? I do. And to be honest with you, they have a real struggle in life.

As we continue to explore this book and the thousands of facts that support it, I challenge all of us to start to work towards bringing more happiness into our lives.

Attitude means everything. And a great attitude raises productions in all walks of life. “Don’t worry, be freaking happy.”

Yours truly,

Happiness for days, Cram

Marc Cram

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