This might be the greatest Tuesday of all time. In today’s post, Jack Canfield begins by saying, successful people have a bias to action. He begins to tell a story of Ruben Gonzalez, an Olympic athlete. Years ago Gonzalez decided he wanted to become an Olympic athlete. His decision came after he had watched Scott Hamilton—former gold medalist and American figure skater—compete during the 1984 winter Olympics. Gonzalez thought to himself, “if this guy [Scott Hamilton] can do it, so can I.”

Gonzalez was now facing the problem of deciding which sport he was going to focus on. He continued to give it much thought, and finally decided he would focus on luge; he chose this sport because it had one of the highest attrition rates for any Olympic sport. After deciding on luge, Gonzalez set out to find a location where he could learn and master the sport. This task was more difficult than he had anticipated, everywhere he looked he was told he was 10 years too late and should pick another sport.

Gonzalez was not dismayed by the results he had from his search, and continued to pursue his goal. Eventually, he found a location in Lake Placid, New York, where he would be trained. He was among 14 other persons who wanted to master the sport of luge, which everyone else eventually ended up quitting, leaving Gonzalez to be the only one left to be trained. Gonzalez later became a 3-time Olympic athlete, simply because he believed in himself and never gave up on the goal he had set years previous. He took immediate action once a goal was in place and never gave up even when he was told he was “10 years too late” by multiple people.

Just like Gonzalez, almost every person who is successful has a low tolerance for sitting around and talking about how they are going to get things done. They are antsy about accomplishing his or her goals and simply start on what needs to be done. Keep in mind planning is essential for any goal to get done, but Canfield makes an excellent point, every goal must be kept in perspective. Some people will wait their whole lives to do something they have always wanted to do, but let’s be honest, there is rarely a perfect time to do anything. If you wait around for the perfect opportunity, you will never get anything done.

Just getting started on your goal is the most important thing, just get into the freaking game. As you start working on your goals you will start to make mistakes, which these mistakes are crucial for you to succeed. They act as course corrections and will propel you further to achieving your goal than if you were to take zero action at all. You will start to learn at a rapid rate as you put forth the effort to achieve your goals.

Canfield uses the term ready, fire, aim, rather than the more popular ready, aim, fire, when talking about goals. There are too many people who sit around aiming for way too long for the perfect shot. The quickest way to hit a target is to fire, examine where your shot hit, adjust, and shoot again.

Keep firing and adjusting, sooner or later you will be hitting your mark.

While the rest of the world gets ready for the perfect time to shoot, you will already be perfecting your shot through failure and readjustment. There is never a perfect time to start a goal such as, starting a diet, reading a book, starting a business, or taking over the world.

Stop aiming and start firing, stop waiting and start creating. The world will never meet anybody half-way. If you desire to achieve something in life, you have to go earn it. The more you want something, the harder you will have to work. The more you want to succeed, the more you are going to have to bleed; because success freaking hurts, but it hurts so good!

Yours truly,

Bleeding for success, Cram

Marc Cram

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