Hopefully one day, all men and women will understand their true potential. September 21, 2016 seems like a perfect day for that. Today, we continue to talk about the important questions to be asking yourself to improve.

  1. Do You Know Why You Want to Keep Improving? The why of improvement is what will keep you motivated long after the first rush of energy and enthusiasm wears off. It can carry you through improving yourself when willpower isn’t enough. Having a strong why will help you to keep going when the discipline of learning becomes difficult, discouraging, and tedious. If your growth is connected to your values, dreams, and purpose, you will know why you are pursuing growth. And you will be more likely to follow through. Here are 6 questions you can ask yourself to know if your why is solid enough:
  • Do I procrastinate on important tasks?
  • Do I require coaxing to do small chores?
  • Do I perform duties just to get by?
  • Do I constantly talk negatively about my work?
  • Do I start small projects and abandon them?
  • Do I avoid self-improvement opportunities?

If you answer yes to any or a few of these questions, then you haven’t yet tapped in a strong enough or large enough ‘why’ to keep growing. I have learned that you have to keep giving yourself more and larger ‘why’s’ in order for you to keep wanting to put in the effort to grow. The more valid reasons you have to accomplish your dream, the higher the odds that you will.

The more reasons you give yourself to grow, the better the chances that you will.

I am sure that to a certain extent these blogs are monotonous and sound like a broken record! GOOD! That’s exactly what I am trying to create. Repetition, consistency, and discipline. Those are the names of the game. And I will say these things a thousand more times if it means just one more of you listens and applies it.

At this point in life, I have come to realize that we complicate the hell out of things. However, life is so simple. Work hard, never give up, push to be better every day, know your purpose, love yourself, and bless the lives of others to the best of your ability. Six steps to true success and happiness. Stop complicating life and start living it!

Yours truly,

Just trying to make it simple, Cram

Marc Cram

About Marc Cram

Marc has seen a lot in the 14 years he has spent in the door-to-door sales industry. By putting his communication skills to work, he managed the #1 office in Preventive Pest history for both overall production and per rep average while also servicing over 300 personal accounts in the same year. Marc has been a constant driving force in the growth and success of DishOne.