It’s freaking Monday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Today the book is talking about how to be able to grow, you have to be willing to make changes.

Its possible to change without growing, but it is impossible to grow without changing.

One of the keys to making the right changes that allow us to grow is knowing the difference between a problem or challenge. John C. Maxwell, uses the example of him waking up one morning as a teenager and looking into the mirror where he finally came to the realization that he was not a good looking dude. What was he going to do? He decided to change his attitude about it. He made a commitment to smile every chance he could. Did it change his face? No. But it helped him to look better.

Many of us deal with many facts of life. Some of us were born with good parents. Some of us weren’t. Some of us had a good education. Some of us didn’t. Some of you were born beautiful. And some of us definitely weren’t. You cannot change your height or your DNA. But, what you can change is your attitude about them. You must do your best to live with them. One of the greatest examples I have ever seen when it comes to living this way, was from a guy we had come speak at one of our big sales rep events. His name was Roger Crawford. Roger was born without hands. For most people, that would be easy justification to just throw in the towel in several ways. Not for my man Rog. he used it as motivation. He used it as a way to inspire the life of others, including mine. Even with no hands, Roger worked his way up to be in the college tennis hall of fame, and received several other awards since.

Roger had a challenge, remember a problem is a little bit different than a challenge. A problem is something that you can change. And this is where a huge portion of the world gets themselves in trouble. They are so caught up in not wanting to change, that great opportunities pass them by. In the bucketfuls. John lists some choices we can make to put ourselves in a better spot to grow. I am going to talk about the first one today.

  1. Assess the Current Environment – Change just for the sake of change is not going to help you. If you are going to make changes, you must make sure they are the right ones. So how do you do that? By starting to assess where you are now and why you want to change. One of the best questions you can ask yourself is

“Do I look forward to what I am doing?”

If the future looks dull, routine, or confining, it might be time to make a change. Learn to understand yourself and the environment that you want to be a part of. Then, make that hard core assessment as to whether or not you are there or if changes need to be made.

I go back to the opening quote. “Its possible to change without growing, but it is impossible to grow without changing.” ┬áJust this morning I thought of 4 different ways I can change my routine just a tad bit to increase my spirituality. With one step in front of other, we will get there. We will reach the destination we dream about every day. Keep on keeping on.

Yours truly,

Change is good, Cram

Marc Cram

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