My good peeps! I just finished being a part of the intern kickoff in Indianapolis, where I learned a lot and I wanted to share with you what I learned for today’s blog.

1. One of the reps by the name of Troy said this quote; “Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” Yes! I love this! If we simply attacked every day with enthusiasm, our progress from that alone would be amazing. Imagine the capability of the world if every one in it woke up with an enthusiasm. Hot damn! It would be unreal.

2. I learned about the Japanese word, Kaizen. Grant Miser spoke of it in his training. This word means continual improvement. I will shout this concept from the rooftops for the rest of time. If you focus every day on being just a little better version of yourself, YOU WILL BE HAPPY!

3. I wrote down on my sheet of paper, “How can I sharpen the saw?” What can I take out of my life that wastes time? And what can I add to my life that will help me get closer to my why, and faster? Are there ways that I can more efficiently maximize my 24 your day?

4. Right before going to bed, taking the time to read or write something that is positive, upbeat, or educational. I don’t do a very good job doing this. I usually fall asleep mid-sentence. Haha. My wife loves it. I need to be better at putting into my mind what i am wanting to dream about and think about for the next 6 hours.

5. “People don’t want a perfect leader. They want an authentic one.” Here, freakin here. Great quote by John C Maxwell. He nailed it!

6. Mike Hammond then posed the following 4 questions:

  • What is most important to you?
  • What is your happiness rooted in?
  • What is your ideal future?
  • What brings you peace?

I have spent part of this plane flight making sure that I know the exact answer to these 4 questions. The stronger you know your purpose and what you want your life to look like, the more unstoppable you become.

This is what I love about life. There are always so many things we can learn and so many places we can improve. We should NEVER allow ourselves to stand still. It is dangerous and leads us to no where good. I am grateful for those who shared their thoughts with me during the kickoff. It hit very close to home and are words I will think about for a long time to come.


Yours truly,
Life is good, Cram

Marc Cram

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Marc has seen a lot in the 14 years he has spent in the door-to-door sales industry. By putting his communication skills to work, he managed the #1 office in Preventive Pest history for both overall production and per rep average while also servicing over 300 personal accounts in the same year. Marc has been a constant driving force in the growth and success of DishOne.