Today is freaking Friday! Yeeeaaaahhhh buddy! We are starting the new book. The Miracle Morning by Hal Emrod. It’s about to get real. George Lorimer once said:

You've got to wake up every morning with determination if you are going to go to bed with satisfaction.

This still stands as one of my favorite quotes of all time. How many of you wake up each day with a hop in your step? And how many of you wake up ready to take on the world? I have to admit that waking up at 5:00am is not the most fun thing for me, and several times a week I try to think of every justification in the book to stay in bed a little longer. But as I have said before, once I take that first step outside of my room, IT IS FREAKING ON!

The author talks about the fact that when a baby is born, we refer to them as “the miracle of life.” Why is it that as life goes on do we accept mediocrity in our own lives? Where did we lose the sight of the miracle that we are living? I think that this is something that happens all the time. We forget about the miracle of life and the blessings that swarm it. Think about it for a second. We all live in a land with the greatest amount of abundance you could ever find. When we were little, we were assured by many that we could do anything we put our minds to. “So, now that you’ve grown up, are you doing, having, and being anything and everything you have ever wanted?”

Check out this statistic: The average American is 20 lbs overweight, $10,000 in debt, slightly depressed, dislikes his or her job, and has less than one close friend. WTH?! Those stats are alarming, and extremely sad to be honest with you. So what about you? Are you creating the levels of success that you want in all the aspects that you want them? Or are there areas where you are settling for less than what you want or what you are capable of doing? I am sure that everyone of us has an aspect of their life that needs improvement. And some aspects need a lot of improvement.

Well, let’s buckle our asses down and find a way to get them fixed.

Let’s find a way to become better. Let’s find a way to reach our potential. Let’s find a way to bring back the miracle of living the life we want to live. And this book is going to help us get there.

Yours truly,

Loving this new read, Cram

Marc Cram

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