Oh little, Tuesday. If you only knew what was about to hit you! Life is good.  We shall continue to talk about what blessings John C. says that intentionally living will bring:

6. Intentional living inspires us to make every day count–the legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, would spend a lot of time focusing on the energy, focus, and overall behavior of each player. If they were not giving their very very best, he would go over to them and say,

I can tell you are not giving 100% of yourself to practice today. I know you are tired. Perhaps you stayed up late studying. I also know that you probably think that if you are giving 60% today, you will give 140% tomorrow. I want you to know that THINKING will not help you become a better player. And the best we can give is 100%. So the 40% from today will be lost and never can be recovered.

John Wooden

What we have to always remember is that a few days less than 100% will start to make us average.

John Wooden was the master of maximizing every minute. He used to spend hours preparing for practice. He would write down the plan down to every minute on index cards. The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. Make every day count. As we have said before, one of the best feelings you can have all day is the one where you are laying in your bed with nothing left because you made every minute count. How many of you are living a life of regret? Dig a little deeper for that answer. How many of you are living a life of regret physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, or educationally? Ok, now that you have answered that question, think for a second where you are going wrong. At what point in most of your days, do you give up being physically fit? What is it that you are doing in your day that could be substituted by exercise?

Truth is, life is not too busy to be great in all aspects of life. I find myself to be a pretty disciplined dude. But, I can not even begin to tell you how much more room I have to improve and tighten up. Again, the key is to intentionally tighten up. If you think you will simply just start living a more healthy life, you are crazy.  If you have to set the specific time you will be at the gym. You have to go out and pro-actively buy the healthy food. You have to ACT; intentionally! If you want to be great, choose to be great, and then act on that choice.

Much love, always!

Marc Cram

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