We are full force into November. Time to make the month rain, baby! We move onto the next chapter of the book, which is called The Law of Expansion. This law talks about how growth always increases your capacity. In other words, there really is no finish line. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about a couple guys that we know that have made millions during the course of their careers, but their lives are a disaster. Why?  Because somewhere along the line they decided to stop progressing. They sat around their $250 robes, doing really nothing but wasting time. And now, their money is nearly gone and their dignity too. Much of which came from a decision to stop growing.

If we want to be happy, we always have to be aiming and pushing for something. So, how do you push toward your potential and keep increasing your capacity? Many experts say that we only use 10% of our true potential. That number is unreal! If that is the case, EVERYONE has room to grow. Much of the way we increase our capacity and potential comes from the way we think. Here are some of the ways you should be thinking.


  1. Stop thinking more work and start thinking what works- working smarter, not necessarily harder. More work does not necessarily increase your capacity. “More of the same usually results in more of the same.” The key is to figure out what works. Here are 3 questions to be asking yourself in this process:

a.) What am I required to do?

b.) What gives the greatest return?

c.) What gives me the greatest reward?

  1. Stop thinking can I? Then start thinking how can I?  “Can I? is a question filled with hesitation and doubt. It is a question that poses limitations.” If this is a question you ask yourself quite often, you are limiting your efforts before you even begin. When you ask yourself the question, “How can I?” you give yourself a fighting chance to achieve something. It also forces you to assume there is a way. One of the biggest reasons that people don’t overcome the odds is because they don’t challenge themselves enough. There are several of you that even say “I can’t” quite often. The first step to overcoming that is to believe that you can. The second is perseverance.

"Everything looks like a failure in the middle.”

  1. You can’t bake a cake without getting the kitchen messy. In the middle of a surgery it looks like a crime has been committed. But it all comes together with perseverance.

You can change your thinking. You can believe in your potential. “Learning is discovering that something is possible.” Always be aiming for higher ground!

Yours truly,

Trying to sit on that higher ground, Cram

Marc Cram

About Marc Cram

Marc has seen a lot in the 14 years he has spent in the door-to-door sales industry. By putting his communication skills to work, he managed the #1 office in Preventive Pest history for both overall production and per rep average while also servicing over 300 personal accounts in the same year. Marc has been a constant driving force in the growth and success of DishOne.