Furthermore, we continue on; slowly but surely, taking over the world. Today, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth starts to talk about the ‘Law of Awareness.’ Which means, you must know yourself to grow yourself. James Russell Lowell, an American poet, once said,

No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.

Do you have a sense of direction? In order to grow, you must know your strengths and weaknesses, your interests and opportunities. You must be able to gauge not only where you have been, but also where you are now. Otherwise, you cannot set a course of where you want to go.

Maxwell, describes three types of people when it comes to having direction in life:

  1. People Who Don’t Know What They Would Like to Do. These people are often confused. They lack a strong sense of purpose. They have very little direction. If they are growing, it is unintentional. They can’t reach their potential because they have no idea what to shoot for.
  2. People Who Know What They Would Like to Do But Don’t Do It. These people are usually frustrated. Every day they experience the gap of where they are and where they want to be. They want to be good, but they don’t put in the right amount of time to get there. Their heart is in the right place, but their body and mind don’t follow. Fear often gets in their way of moving forward.
  3. People Who Know What They Would Like to Do and They Do It. These people know themselves, possess a strong sense of passion, are focused on purpose, grow in areas that help them move closer to their purpose, and they fulfill what God put them on the earth to fulfill. Besides, to be honest with you, these are the truly happy and successful people of the world.

To begin to get yourself in the category of #3, it starts by paying attention to your passions.

Passion will lead to growth. Growth will lead to more passion and then more growth.

Tomorrow we will talk more about finding your passion and your purpose. This is one of the subjects that I am the most passionate about and speak on the most. Finding your purpose. Knowing why you were placed on this earth.

As I have said before, every time some one asks me what my purposes are in life, I get emotional. Why? Because my passions define me to my very core. They are why I get up in the morning and strive every day to be better. Without purpose, you have no chance.

Yours truly,

Living a life of purpose, Cram

Marc Cram

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