Iam fairly confident that today might turn out to be one of the greatest days of our lives. Happy Wednesday! Today, we continue to talk about the Law of the Mirror, which once again talks about believing in yourself. We have to always remember that self-esteem is the single most significant key to a person’s behavior. Zig Ziglar once said,

It is impossible to consistently behave in a manner inconsistent with how we see ourselves. We can do very few things in a positive way if we feel negative about ourselves.

Psychologists have said for years that the greatest factor to one’s motivation without, comes from the self-worth that is felt within. So let’s make that as easy to understand as possible. If you love and believe in yourself, you will find motivation. Think of all the places motivation can take you.

Every aspect of our lives are affected by the way you see yourself. If you think you are going to suck at something, there is a damn good chance you will. On the other hand, if you tell yourself day in and day out that you will be able to do something, I give you a 100% chance that it will happen. You add belief to never giving up and you literally have no chance of failure in the end. Low self-esteem puts a ceiling on your potential. Your desire could even be a 10, but if your self-esteem is a 5, you will always perform at a 5 or lower.

What is also interesting is the value that we place on ourselves is usually the value that others place on us as well. I remember this from the dating world. I recall sitting at dinner on a first date, mid-conversation with a girl, I began thinking to myself, “I will never go on a date with this girl again.” Why? No self-confidence. Which was a major turn off. Just like in the dating world, every where we go, a lack of self-confidence won’t get you too far of anywhere.

I have said this on a few occasions,

If you don't have it right on the inside, things won't go right for you on the outside.

As I study the ways of the world and the ways of human success, that quote means more and more to me. I truly do believe in the saying, “fake it until you make it.” I have used this concept over and over again. I have come to a point in my life that no matter the trial or circumstance—whether it be at work, home, in sports, fitness, spiritually, etc.—I believe in myself enough to figure it out. I believe in myself enough to pull through. It hasn’t always been that way, but it absolutely is now. If you were to ask me how that came to be, I would say this. Six years ago I decided I was the baddest dude on the planet. I have told myself that every day since, and since then, my life has never been the same.

Yours truly,

I am a bad man, Cram

Marc Cram

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