It’s about to get real on a Tuesday. I am really enjoying this section we have been talking about the last couple weeks on how to steer clear of mediocrity. As stated before, more than 9/10 people in the world are ok with living an average life. They are ok with being mediocre. Or at least that is what their actions show. The next principle he talks about is lack of urgency and how most of the world shows no urgency to get up and do something to change their lives.

Human nature is to live with a 'someday' mindset and think that life will have a way of working itself out, and thinking that great things will come your way because you are a good person.

Here comes one of my favorite quotes for all those who think that way. “Thinking that good things will come to you just because you are a good person, is like hoping that a bull doesn’t trample the shit out of you because you are a vegetarian.” It ain’t going to happen!

“This someday mindset is perpetual, and it leads to a life of procrastination, unfulfilled potential and regret.” And someday along the line you are going to wake up and wonder how the heck your life got to where it is. It is important to remember that NOW matters more than any other time in your life, because what you do today is going to determine who you are becoming, and who you are becoming will always determine the quality of life you have and the happiness it brings. ACT NOW! Make the commitment today to get and change your life. As I have said a million times, the concepts to get better are simple. It is just us who complicates it.

The longer you sit and wait to be better, the more comfortable you will become with your life. The longer you wait to get in shape, the longer you wait to improve your relationship with your spouse, the longer you wait to stop living pay check to pay check, the harder it will become.


Remember how we have said before that if you are afraid of heights, the longer you stand at the cliff, the higher the chances are that you won’t jump? Get up and freaking jump! Get up and be the person you want to become. Get up and do something great!

“Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, these are the saddest, it might have been.” Be great, not sad!

Yours truly,

Gettin up and gettin on, Cram

Marc Cram

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