My good peeps! Great time to be alive. To start the blog today, just wanted each of us to take a second to realize how blessed we are. We live in a land that is abundantly full of opportunity. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely thankful. For the next couple of mornings, I will be doing my power hour on a plane. So I have decided to do the next two blogs from the same The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth book that I used yesterday. Leggoo!

Today, John C. Maxwell, continues to talk about the importance of having great character, in order to be a great leader. Norman Schwarzkopf, late United States Army General once said, “ninety-nine percent of leadership failures are failures of character.” So are ninety-nine percent of all other failures as well. Most people focus too much on competence and too little on character. How often does a person miss a deadline because they did not follow through when they should have? How often does a person fail to grow, not because they didn’t have time to read, but because they decided to fill their time with less important things. These shortcomings are not a results of our capacity, but of our character.

So how do you build your character? Here is the first step, focus more on being better on the inside than on the outside. It is human nature to be concerned with how you look on the outside. That doesn’t make you a bad a person. What gets you in trouble is when you focus more on the outside then how you really are on the inside. Your character represents who you are on the inside.

Maxwell says the more you focus on the inside, the better you will look on the outside. How? Over 2,500 years ago, a Proverbs writer said,

as we think in our hearts, so we become.

Sound familiar? Coaches teach their players the importance of visualization for winning. Psychologists teach the importance of having a positive self-image to be able to be happy. Doctors continue to not the importance of having a positive attitude and an attitude of hope to healing.

What we believe really matters. We reap what we sow. We become what we think about. If you neglect the heart, mind, and soul it changes who you are on the outside and the inside as well. What is interesting is when you have a person that seems to be doing everything good on the outside, but is not having success, there is a dang good chance its because things are not right on the inside.

So again, what kind of person are you to the very core? I have always spoke very highly of my business partner, Jeremy Hammond. As I have said before, I believe sincerely that Jeremy will have a multitude of success and happiness for the rest of his life, because he is a damn good person to his core. He is a man of character and love, and it bleeds over into everyone he comes in contact with. It starts on the inside and shoots through to the outside. I have several other family members, friends, and co-workers that live their lives the same way, and in every situation, they are happy.  So once again, you want to do great things in this world, be a man/woman of character and love. Stand strong for what you believe in and what your purpose is. Life gets really good when you know who you are no matter what trials it brings you.

Yours truly,

Going after the goods, Cram

Marc Cram

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