Oh man, is today freaking Monday? Love it. It’s about to get real. Today, the author really starts to challenge the fact that happiness comes before success. Not the opposite.

If happiness were just the end result of being successful, the prevailing creed at companies and schools would be correct: Focus on productivity and performance, even to the detriment of our emotional and physical well-being, and we will eventually become more successful, and therefore happier.

One study followed around 272 employees and their job performance over the course of 18 months. The results showed that those who were happier when the study began, were far more productive than the ones that weren’t.

Another study showed how happy individuals were as college freshman predicted how high their income was nineteen years later, regardless of their level of wealth. What the what? One of the largest studies on happiness was done with Catholic nuns. 180 of them were asked to write down their thoughts in autobiographical journal entries. 50 years later, a group of experts decided to code the journal entries. The biggest thing that stuck out to them was that the nuns who had the positive journal entries, ended up living on average 10 years longer than those that didn’t. “Clearly the nuns who were happy at 20 didn’t feel that way because they knew they would go on to live longer: their superior health and longer life spans could only be the result of their happiness, not the cause.”

Happiness can improve our physical health. Which in turn keeps us working faster and longer. Ever wonder why I can eat Wendy’s EVERY single day, and still stay physically fit? I find joy in every bite. Haha. No, it’s because I believe myself to be one of the most blessed and happy dudes on the planet. And I am thankful every day for it. Research shows that unhappy people take more sick days, staying home on average 15 more days a year than happy people. And the list will continue to go on and on for the next few months.

Bottom line, life is good when you are happy. Period.

So, continue to work hard to bring to your life the true things that bring happiness. That might be something a little different for everyone. But is vital to the longevity and success of each and every one of them.


Yours truly,

Wendy’s for days, Cram

Marc Cram

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