Today is Tuesday all day long, and I could not be happier! Yesterday we started to talk about breaking down your new habit into three 10-day intervals.

Days 11- 20 Phase Two: Uncomfortable – The first 10 days are by far the most difficult. During the second phase, you will start to get used to your habit. You will also start to see positive associations with the new habit.

While days 11-20 are not unbearable, they are still uncomfortable and will require discipline and commitment.

At times, it will be tempting to fall back to the old ways. DO NOT DO IT! Even for a second. Stay strong. Keep those legs turning.

Days 21-30 Phase Three: Unstoppable – The author claims that during this time, many people make a huge mistake. They listen to the experts and think that a habit is fully formed in 21 days. “This phase is crucial in making sure you sustain the habit, long term.” During this stage, you really start to associate the habit with incredible results. During the first 20 days, you probably hated the habit. Now you can start to enjoy it. Phase 3 is when the actual transformation starts to work.

I take a step back and think specifically on this new habit that I started about 2 months or so ago of waking up at 5:00 am every day. If I may, I would like to walk you through how that 2 months has looked.

Days 1-10- I woke up the first couple of days ready to rock and roll. I had a new found hop in my step and I was bound and determined this was going to change my life. About 4 days in, I really had to push through wanting to stay in my warm bed. But I did, and I made it to Phase 2. The early stages of Days 11-20 were still difficult for me because I still wasn’t seeing these life-altering results. I could tell a difference, but that difference wasn’t quite worth the trade off of sleep. But once again, I kept pushing. Then Phase 3 came around, continuing on in to today. Here are just a couple ways my life has changed:

  1. I have worked out, read, done my affirmations, said my prayers, read my scriptures, visualized, wrote in my journal, and finished my blog, all by 8:00 am.
  2. Because I chose to start waking up at 5, I get to be home at 6:30 pm to have family dinner.
  3. I am much sharper at work and at home. I very, very rarely miss out on maximizing my time. My life is more efficient.
  4. I have more time to focus on others and spreading the love because of all the time I have to myself in the morning.
  5. I am happier.

Once again, creating and following through with great habits will change the course of your entire life. I promise you, without a doubt in my mind, that if you work at something good for 30 days straight, you will find more success and happiness. Bottom line!


Yours truly,

Tom Brady hater for days, Cram

Marc Cram

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