Yo, my good peeps. Last time I checked, November was one of the best months to dominate! Just saying’. Today, we finish the Law of Curiosity.

  1. Get Over Yourself – If you are going to truly live the Law of Curiosity and allow yourself to fail, there will be times that you look foolish. Most people do not like that. And they will do crazy things to stay away from it. In this situation, John C. says firmly, “Get over yourself.” Roger Von Oech said, “If we never tried anything that might make us look ridiculous, we all still live in caves.” What I love about my kids and any kid for that matter, is that they are willing to ask any question and not feel dumb about asking it. Even though sometimes I think to myself, “What the hell are you talking about”, they ask with the real intent of wanting to know the answer. As a result, they learn. “It’s better to look uninformed than to be uninformed. Curb your ego and keep asking questions.”
  1. Get Out of the Box – “There ain’t no rules around here! We are trying to accomplish something.” As I have said before, sitting inside the box creates average results. If you want to innovate and create, be disruptive in your thinking. “Upset the old order.” Life is an experiment. The more experiments you make and the chances you take, the better. I am not a big fan when people say, “We have never done it that way before.” Well, take a quick look at your life. Are you exactly where you want to be? If not, then you have to do something different. You have to make some noise.

You have to change your paradigm. Because if you don’t, enjoy living the law of insanity. And remember, insanity doesn’t bring happiness.

  1. Enjoy Your Life – This really is a lost art. Too many people think that they will enjoy the destination once they get there. Hell no! If you don’t enjoy the journey to your destination, then what is the point? Do you really think that God put us on this earth to be miserable? Life is about two choices. I choose to be happy, or I choose to be unhappy. It is as simple as that. “I believe it honors God when we enjoy life and live it well. That means taking risks, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but always learning. When you enjoy your life, the lines between work and play begin to blur.”

This has been one of my favorite chapters to date. If you want to be someone, and you want to go somewhere, then wake up and get curious.

Yours truly,

New level of curious, Cram

Marc Cram

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