It’s freaking Halloween today. It’s about to get real. Today, we continue to talk about cultivating curiosity.

6. Partake in The Fruit of Failure – “A curious, growing person approaches failure in a way completely different from someone who isn’t curious.” What is unfortunate is that most of the world sees failures, mistakes, or errors as signs of weakness. Oftentimes, when we fail we say, “I will never do that again.” But as we have talked about before, those who are in a state of growing and developing see failure as a sign of progress. Learning the value of this concept has been so incredible for my life. And it all started when I read John C.’s book Failing Forward. The book teaches the concept of learning something from every mistake that is made. Truth is, you are never really a failure until you give up. Instead of saying to yourself, “How can I distance myself from this experience?” We should be asking, “What can I learn?”

As a result, you fail fast, learn fast, and try again fast. An extremely important part of the recipe for success.

  1. Stop Looking for The Right Answer – Believe it or not, it is a problem if you are trying to find the right answer to every question. If you are a “single solution” person, you are not putting yourself in the best situation to learn and grow. Why? Because there is always more than one solution to a problem. Trying to find one solution will many times leave you frustrated when you can’t find it. Also, there will be other times that you feel like you have found the “right answer”, and because of it you become complacent and miss out on something that might have been better.

John C. hates the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Clearly the person who said this was not dedicated to growth. No matter how good the situation is, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I read in the book “The Slight Edge” that a person can never stand still. That does not exist. Either you are moving forward or you are moving backward. That part of the book has stuck with me very strongly since I read it. And I have learned quickly that the statement is absolutely spot on. Small tweaks to what seem to be the “ideal situations” can make such a huge difference. And those small tweaks should be continual.

Always remember that Discipline and Growth leads to fulfillment. Fulfillment leads to happiness. And happiness leads to success. IT IS A PROVEN MODEL! So why shy away from what works? Get your improvement on, baby!

Yours truly,

Failing forward, Cram

Marc Cram

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