Today is going to be a legit day because it is Friday. Jack Canfield starts today by talking about dropping out of the “ain’t it awful club.” There are two types of people, anchors and motors. You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors. Because the motors are going somewhere and they are having fun. The anchors will just drag you down. Some people are a constant stream of blaming and complaining.

Canfield talked about a specific example of himself when he was a teacher for a short period of time. He stopped going to the teacher’s lounge, because he would find a group of teachers who were constantly complaining about their pay, their students, and their lives. He found another group of teachers who had lunch every day in the library. Their conversations were completely different. They were upbeat. They discussed how to make current situations better. He said he implemented every new idea that they shared with him. Be selective,

start by not hanging around anyone that you don't want to be with.

Jack says that for him, this concept has been a huge blessing. Hang around people, who are happy. Who want to grow and want to learn. Who don’t mind saying sorry and thank you. Here is a valuable exercise that you can do. Make a list of all those that you spend time with on a regular basis. Family members, co-workers, neighbors, friends, and so on. When you have finished your list, go back to the ones who are negative and toxic and put a minus sign next to their name and a positive sign next to those that are positive and nurturing.

As you make a decision with each person, you might start to notice a pattern that is forming. Perhaps the group at work that you hang around all the time is negative and tearing you down. Or perhaps, it is your friends that naysay everything you do. It may even be your family members who put you down and undermine your self-esteem.

Once you have completed the list and determined both positive and negative relationships in your life, do the same thing Jack was told to do years ago. Stop spending time with those with a minus sign next to their name. If that is impossible then do one of two things. Severely decrease the amount of time you spend with them and/or let them know that you are no longer interested in hearing negativity. I heard one time that when someone said something negative to Andrew Carnigey, that his response every single time was “Hmmm. That’s interesting.” After he responded he would move on.

Life is a constant flow of good or bad vibes. We create a lot of those, but so do the people we choose to interact with. Once again, the overall purpose is happiness. The overall purpose is love. The overall purpose is success. Without a doubt that will come in bucketful’s when you do it with the right people.

Yours truly,

Sending good vibes, Cram

Marc Cram

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