TGI freaking F. This is going to feel good all day long. “Everyone knows someone who is unable to break a pattern of thinking or behaving.” Often, this pattern can be negative. This is the guy that walks into the room and automatically finds something to complain about. Or the boss that focuses on what the employee is doing wrong instead of where he is improving. The author says that from his experience, he has learned that these negative people aren’t trying to be difficult or grumpy. Their brains are just really good at scanning a situation and finding the negative. The problem is that their brains have been trained to do this from years of practice.

Unfortunately, our society only encourages this kind of training.

“In the work world, as in our personal lives, we are often rewarded for noticing the problems that need solving, the stresses that need managing, and the injustices that need righting.”

The problem is that if we only get stuck in one pattern, always looking to find the negative,

“Even a paradise can become a hell.”

And the more you become better at scanning the negative, the more you miss out on the positive. The good news is that we can train our brains to scan for the positive.

The author gives an example of this concept when he tells a story of when he was in Australia speaking. During one of the breaks, he went out for some fresh air. He heard one employees say, “It’s nice that it’s a sunny day today.” The other one said, “I wish it wasn’t so hot today.” Both statements were based on reality. It was sunny and it was hot. But the one literally could not see the positives on how beautiful the day was. A couple of days ago, Jeremy Hammond shared a poem at our TGIF meeting. As you read the poem from top to bottom, it was all about the person having the “worst day ever.” Then, if you read the same poem from bottom to top, the message was completely different. It was all about having “the best day ever”. Same situation, but a completely different perspective. Take a second to scan your life. What kind of perspective do you carry? Are you the guy/girl that focuses on the good things in life? Or the one that focuses on all the challenges? Truth is, your life will be so much happier and the challenges so much easier to overcome if the cap is half full. Keep that cup half full, baby!


Yours truly,

Half cups of protein shakes for days, Cram

Marc Cram

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