Has Friday come to visit us again? Mmmmmhhhhmmmmm. Life is good in Fridayland. Today the author starts to talk about how our brains are like single processors capable of devoting only a finite amount of resources to experiencing the world.

Because our brains resources are limited, we are left with a choice: to use those finite resources to see only pain, negativity, stress, and uncertainty, or to use those resources to look at things through a lens of gratitude, hope, optimism, and meaning.

Now, I understand that we can’t change reality through sheer force of will alone, but what we can do is use our brain to process how we view the world, and that without a doubt will change how we react to it.

Happiness is not about lying to ourselves, or turning a blind eye to the negative, but is all about adjusting our brain so that we can find ways to RISE above our circumstances. Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” By shifting the point around by which energy is applied, we can effectively turn the seesaw from a balancing scale into a powerful lever. That is exactly what Archimedes was trying to point out. If we have a long enough lever, a good place to stand, and a fulcrum point, we can move the entire world.

“Our power to maximize our brains is based off of two things: 1- the length of the lever- how much potential power and possibility we believe we have, and 2- the position of our fulcrum- the mindset with which we generate the power of change.”

It is not the weight of the world that determines what we accomplish. It is our fulcrum and our lever.

It is our attitude. It is our desire. It is our ability to get knocked down and get back up. It is our ability to drowned out the noise of the haters. It is our ability to work hard and smart. It is our ability to become a better version of ourselves every day. It is our ability to have passion and purpose that CANNOT be stopped. It is our ability to take responsibility and accountability and to stop pointing the finger. It is our ability to find happiness all over the place because we simply decide move that freakin’ lever!


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I was always the skinny kid on the teeter totter, and now the tides have changed, Cram

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