Happy Thursday to all of you. Can you believe it has already been a week since Thanksgiving? Today we start the book, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. This is a very short book with a lot of deep, intense information. These blog posts will be filled with quotes because basically everything he says is doctrine. I have read this book through twice over the last couple weeks and have really liked it. Hope you do too. “As we think, so we become,” is the first sentence in the book. I started to grasp this concept about 7 years or so ago when I listened to Earl Nightengales, “the strangest secret.” I then watched the video The Secret, and it took off from there. At this point in my life, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we become what we think about all day long.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. This not only embraces the whole man's being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life.

Think about that statement for a bit. What you think, affects every aspect of your life. Your success, your health, your relationships, your spirituality, your love and everything else that is important to you. It all starts in your mind. “Every act of man springs from the hidden seeds of thought, and COULD NOT have appeared without them.” Act is the blossom of thought and to be honest with you, joy and suffering are its fruits. Let me say that again. A gigantic portion of what your life brings you, good or bad, are circumstances created by your thoughts. I read Andre Agassi’s autobiography called Open. In it he talked about how he won all his matches in the shower, hours before the first serve. He created in his mind the outcome. Agassi is one of the greatest tennis players of all time and will tell you that his thoughts are what made him so great.

“A noble and Godlike character is not a thing of favor or chance, but is the natural result of a continued effort in right thinking.” Man is made or unmade by himself. The thoughts that he creates in his mind can build “heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.” At the same time, our negative thoughts can send us down into the depths of despair and unhappiness. I always knew the mind was powerful, but after you hear some of these words, it takes you to a whole new level. Check this quote out. “By the right choice, man ascends to the divine perfection, but by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of a beast.” Wow! Preach on, James!

You want more? Believe more! Bottom Line!

Yours truly,

James is blowing my mind, Cram

Marc Cram

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