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“Of course, turning adversity into opportunity is a skill that comes more naturally to some people than others.”

Some people already go about life looking at things optimistically. They automatically imagine obstacles as a way of life. They have learned that what tries to stand in the way, becomes the way. Others haven’t learned yet how much value this mindset really does bring to one’s life. The author talks about using ABCD model of interpretation to turn adversity into opportunity. Adversity, Belief, Consequence, and Disputation.

Adversity is an event that we can’t change. It is what it is. Belief is our reaction to the event; why we thought it happened and what it means for the future…

…Do we think it is permanent or temporary? Are there ready solutions? Or do we think the problem is unsolvable?” Depending on how we react and what we believe, usually determines what kind of Consequence follows. If we begin to go down the path of pessimism during an obstacle, it is time to put Disputation to work.

It begins by first telling ourselves that our belief is a just a belief, not a fact, and then challenging it.

Psychologists recommend that we internalize the voice. Which means to pretend like it is coming from someone else. That way it looks like we are actually arguing with another person. What is the evidence of your belief? Does the reasoning really make sense once you step outside of ourselves and take a look?

I really do like this way of handling obstacles. If we can find a way to take a step back during the tough times and assess the situation, I think that 100 out of 100 times we will realize that it is not near as bad as it originally seemed. And that we are fully capable of handling the task at hand.

As we have said a million times before, life is all about perception. If you really take a step back during tough times and look at your life, is it really that bad? Yes, tough circumstances are going to come our way. But who the hell cares? It’s a part of life. Understand that God is not trying to punish you. He is trying to teach you and at the end of the day, if you were to sit down and make a list of all the things you should be grateful for, you would probably be stroking that pen for quite some time. “What doesn’t kill you, really only does make you stronger.”

We live good lives!


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