Its always about to get real! Today, Mr. Jack Canfield, starts to talk about the 12th principle, which is entitled, “act as if.” He says one of the biggest strategies for success is to act is if you are already where you want to be. This means you need to talk like, dress like, and act like the person who has already achieved your goal. The principle of acting as if will send powerful signals to your sub-conscious mind, which will help you find creative ways to achieve your goals. As you apply this principle, you will notice those things that will help you succeed, not only on your goals, but in everything you do.

Jack, recounts a story of this principle working in his life when he had a goal to be an international consultant. As he worked toward this goal, he went to great lengths to apply the principle—act as if—by printing business cards with the title of international consultant. He also printed several images of places he wanted to conduct his first seminar; he placed these images throughout his house, so he could envision them daily. He did these things in order to act as if they had already happened, he made his goal a reality. You may look at the law of attraction, which simply states, like attracts like, when you apply Jack’s 12th principle into your life. The bottom line is, the more you act as if things have already happened, the faster they will come to you; remember this is a life changing concept. Begin now to live life exactly how you want it to become.

Now, let’s examine another example of the application of the 12th principle and how it impacted two individual lives to be exactly as they imagined. Jim Nantz—CBS sportscaster and Fred Couples—American professional golfer—were roommates while attending University of Houston. Both Jim and Fred had a dream as young boys of what they wanted to become. Jim’s dream, consisted him as an announcer for CBS, while Fred’s dream, was to win the Masters Tournament. During their time as roommates in the late 70’s, both Jim and Fred used to act out the full sequence of Masters winner ceremony.

The winner is escorted into Butler cabin, is given his green jacket, and is interviewed by a CBS announcer. Fourteen years later, the scene they both had acted out multiple times before, was actually happening. After the camera stopped rolling, the two of them embraced each other with tears in their eyes as both of their dreams came true. This is yet another incredible example of how acting as if, with unwavering certainty, that your goals and ambitions will come to life.

If you are having a hard time grasping this concept, think about this scenario for a second. Any time Jack does a seminar, he has all the members of the audience stand up and act as if they are at a cocktail party. The key to this experiment is if the audience acts as if they already achieved an incredible amount of success. He goes on to express how the energy in the room is electric after this experiment. People excitedly tell each other about their achievements, they invite each other to their vacation homes in Hawaii and the Bahamas. They talk about their philanthropic trips, their trips to Africa, and their trips to other places in the world.

When the audience is asked how they feel during that exercise, the number one word each member uses, is confident. See, act, and be what you want to be, and watch what happens to your confidence level.

When your confidence level is at an all time high, your success will come along with it. The outer experience of acting as if, will create the inner experience that leads you to being  confident and achieving your goals.

Start being who you want to be now! Successful people exude self-confidence. They ask for what they want, and forget about what they don’t want. Moreover, they go after what they want with everything they have! That is what successful people do, Time to be one!

Yours truly,

Living the millionaire mindset, Cram

Marc Cram

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