You are talented, ambitious, adventurous, and fun. You have big dreams and you have every intention of turning those dreams into reality. You’re interested in learning the art of sales.


We are DishOne, the official face-to-face selling arm of DISH Network. We are awesome. We’re also rapidly expanding and hiring enthusiastic and motivated students for our summer sales internship.


Our internship program gives students an opportunity to learn the Pay TV industry: our consumer, product, technology, competition, etc. over the course of the summer. After completing our summer sales program, students have the opportunity to move into sales management positions or to transition into DISH corporate internships and full-time jobs.


“Working for Dish this summer will stick with me. I learned not only how to sell, but how to communicate and listen more effectively. It is definitely one of the most hands-on, useful, and unique internships someone could have. The skills I picked up will be useful my entire life, both professionally and personally. I have noticed a positive change in my drive, my work ethic, and myself since completing the internship. I can confidently say that taking this job was one of the most rewarding ways to invest in myself for the future.”

Geoff Maier

“"Working at DishOne was the most challenging yet rewarding job I have ever had. Being able to write your own check each and every week is awesome, but the sales and personal skills I've acquired from this job are truly life changing. Being able to travel around the country and working on the west coast in Washington was amazing. This internship does not only teach you life long skills, but it molds you as a person. I don't think there is another internship out there that has the excitement, thrill, and opportunity that DishOne has to offer."”

Jason Beaton

“"Before Dish One I never even considered a career in Sales. I chose to take the challenge of a door to door sales summer for personal reasons. I wanted to improve my communication skills, I wanted to challenge myself, and I wanted to gain confidence. I got all of that and more over the course of the 14 weeks. Each day at Dish One is a new and exciting experience. Door to door sales is among the most mentally difficult jobs out there and the strength you gain from rising to the challenge is enormous. If you're looking for a job that provides you with unmatched freedom, the ability to write your own paycheck, and opportunity to develop yourself, look no further than DishOne."”

Trevor Ware


How to Conduct a Consultative Sale

Exhibit Leadership and Personal Growth

Develop Character Skills That Will Guide You Throughout Your Career



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